10KW solar panel kit only (Large home over 3200 sq ft) 25 year limited warranty

10.7KW Back up Lithium battery with charge/discharge inverter. 10 year warranty

9.5KW propane generator. 5 year warranty


You will never be without power ever again!

33 Panels at 310 watts each

Free Delivery

Financing available.  financeMe@solarwarehousetoday.com

Comes with everything you need and if we miss a part then its shipped to you for free.

We guarentee the system will fit on your roof using propritary software.  If it doesn't fit on your roof then we will buy back any spare parts at full price.


Our customer support will help you find local installers and guide you through the entire process.  We can call the contractors for you.  Contractor shows up and installs your system with an approved time that meets your schedule.  Thousands of customers have installed thier own panels using local contractors saving thousands of dollars.  When the system is installed you pay the installer direct and we don't make any profit on the installations.


Assembly kit Includes:

MicroInverter, clips, bolts, cables, combiner box, caps, lables roof rack system, breaker and electrical diagram.

30KW Off-Grid Panel, Generator and Battery kit

SKU: 30KWoff-grid