3KW battery back up for your Home or Office

Max Surge 6KW
Includes Inverter! EVgine technology

Split Phase 120(30amp)/240(20amp)
110 lbs

ABS Plastic (Military Aviation design Safeway)

4 inch wheels
Bluetooth control

22" X 17" X 8"
*add four or our 310 solar panels for charging for 100% off grid backup energy storage



3KW Portable Battery system

SKU: 3KWPortable
  • 1. Support for high-power LED floodlights: Function of fixing LED floodlights which are optional for the device.

     2. DC output switch:12V DC output switch; Turn on the switch, the switch indicator is blue; Turn on the DC12V output, the LED battery indicator lights; Turn off the switch, the battery indicator is off, at the same time, 12V output is off. But DC 48V output is not controlled by the switch;      

    3. DC48V3A DC output port: Regular output port connecting to the output end of battery( pass the fender) with functions of short-circuit protection and without over-current protection; The port is 16mm aviation plug( one is ‘+’, two is ‘-’)

    4. DC 12V output port:12V output with constant voltage; max current is 10A; cigar socket plug;

    5. DC Charging port:Charging voltage is DC58.8V( first constant current and then constant voltage); The max current is 20A and no limited-current internal;

    6. Power volume indicator: Show the remaining battery power volume as 5%,50%,75%,100%; During charging, the light flashes progressively and will be off after fully charged; When you turn on the AC/DC switch, the light will be on also.

    7. AC output switch: Press it, blue light will be on; inverter function and AC start to work;  Turn off the switch, blue indicator will be off and AC output stops to work.

    8.AC output port: Multiple functions AC plug; Support different types of plug like chinese standard, EU standard and UK standard and so on; The output voltage is 230V50HZ with pure sine wave. It’s also changeable according to customers needs( change 230V50HZ to 110V60HZ).

     9. Handle:It’s used to product the reliable usage of the power pack; Please do not use the device on bumpy road to prevent the damage of the internal parts of the pack.

    10.Cooling fan: It starts to work automatically when the internal temperature increases to 55°C; And it will stop to work when temperature decreases to 45°C.